Hungry Tide Project

What would you do if you see all that you had in life, sinking right in front of you?

This single question torments five thousand residents of the Ghoramara Island.

The island used to be 20 sq. km, but in the last twenty years or less it has been reduced to a mere 5 sq. km.

Global warming has caused the river to swell, as the river pours down from the mighty Himalayas and empties into the Bay of Bengal. Lohachara, another island on the southern part of Ghoramara, was once an inhabited island. Lohachara lies deep down the river bed, with ships passing by, where it once used to be. Climate refugees from both the villages fled to nearby Sagar Island, and have been put up in camps built by the government.

With no electricity on the island and a constant threat of inundation, several people have fled the island. However, those without any means to migrate are left in this island, while recent reports claim the island to be completely washed away by 2020.

This is from the body of work, “Vanishing Island-work in progress” which documents the last inhabitants of the sinking island.

Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_001Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_002Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_003Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_004Without any economic benefit from the island, the government isSwastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_006Only a handful of families dare to stay along the coastline, hauSwastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_008Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_009Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_010Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_011Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_012Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_013Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_014Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_015Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_016Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_017Suraj Jamal Mallick, 12, a student of grade VI sits in front ofSwastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_019Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_020Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_021Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_022Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_023Parul Podua, 40, stands with her cattle on the western coast ofGlobal climate change has fuelled erratic cyclonic storms and raSwastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_026Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_027Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_028Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_029Swastik_Pal_The Hungry Tide_030However, those without any means to migrate are left in this islLohachara, another island on the southern part of Ghoramara, wasChaya Mondal, 76, waits near the coastline, where the fishing tr




5 responses

  1. sanjay ghosal

    Breathtaking visuals — too live and too human — kudos to the photographer for bringing us the smell, feel, idea of this land.

    September 30, 2014 at 23:29

  2. A Passionate grief filled my heart // A poetry in picture a silent art // Love to the human written there // Something so precious I dont like to share!! Bravo!!!

    October 1, 2014 at 17:09

  3. Devashish Gaur


    March 10, 2016 at 23:41

  4. T.Ajaykumar, PTI, Kolkata

    Hi Swsatik, Great job done thru your photographs. Want to contact you.

    July 4, 2016 at 20:55

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